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This app takes into account the specific characteristics of cutting sheet materials (laminates, MDF, plywood, glass, plastic, chipboard, etc.) either manually or on a cutting machine.

The following functions are available in the app:

● THREE different algorithms for calculating and optimizing cutting charts to help you choose the best cutting option

● Three measurement systems (metric, inches in decimals, and inches in fractions) and easy conversion from one to another
● Select and change cutting parameters (sheet size, cutting width, space at the edge of the sheet, etc.)
● Automatically cut sheets and remnants in accordance with selected parameters

● Built-in cutting chart editor so you can cut your way

● Cut non-standard panels (scraps, remnants, etc.)

● Automatically calculate the area of sheets, parts, and scraps, cutting length, and edge length

● Built-in cutting functionality: you can cut, mark completed parts, and view cutting charts on your Android device (we recommend using a tablet—the app runs stably even on inexpensive devices)

● Export your finished work to a PDF file for printing

● Indicate edge length on parts (two types of edges)

● Grooves on parts

● Order information (order, material, order date, completion date, etc.)

● Save a list of parts and parameters on your Android device

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