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Atualizada: 2021-03-23

Tamanho: 26MB

Versão atual: 1.1.9

Campus Play

Use LDPlayer para baixar Campus Play - confiável por mais de 100 milhão de usuários
  • Android 7.1

    Com base no novo kernel do Android 7.1 com alta compatibilidade e FPS, o LDPlayer oferece suporte aos usuários para executar Campus Play no PC

  • Configuração multifuncional

    O LDPlayer otimizou muitas configurações multifuncionais, por exemplo configuração de teclas de atalho, configuração livre de CPU / RAM, ajustação de resolução etc., a experiência é melhor do que nos celulares.

  • Operação segura

    O LDPlayer fornece aos usuários serviços seguros e confiáveis ​​e promete proteger a segurança e a privacidade da sua conta. Quando você usa o LDPlayer para jogar Campus Play, não iremos roubar nem divulgar nenhuma informação privada.

  • Otimize frequentemente

    A equipe do LDPlayer otimize frequentemente o emulador, fornecendo aos usuários a melhor experiência de jogo. Se você tiver alguma dúvida ou sugestão, entra em contato conosco no Facebook.

  • Geral
  • Tutorial de instalação
  • Função de emulador

Jogue Campus Play com LDPlayer no PC

Simulation of Campus life brings you back to your college years。
In addition to art center, playground, and the nation’s biggest university stadium, we also offer sports league, orientation parties, Sakura ceremonies, and other events that typically reminds you of your campus life. Walking in the morning groves, sprinting along the track, and idling on the rooftop in the evening… Let’s relive those memorable years and jog through memories! “It’s a beautiful night. Fancy a walk with me?“

Interesting interactive plot, free to encounter campus belles.
In the game world, You can experience rich main and side stories. What partners you will meet in each experience and what incredible stories will happen all depend on your choice! Campus belles with different personalities and distinctive characteristics are waiting for you to meet. President may wish to come to the students' union, chorus, and martial arts club to accept the challenge and start in-depth interaction with campus belles!

Build an exclusive Campus Belle team to challenge the road of legend
It's time to challenge the legends of colleges and universities! As the legend of each college is different, the president need to think about the strategy calmly and form the most powerful team with your beloved belles! With a perfect cultivation system, you can fully stimulate the potential of belles, and enjoy the exciting pleasure of duel! Flexibly adjust your team, break into dungeons, challenge the road of legend of colleges and universities, and guard the original peace of the campus!

Creative gameplay mechanism that makes you a top streamer!
As the new round of Talent Show opens, your wishes are all granted here wanna be a rap star, impress others with your talent on TV shows, or own countless fans through streaming? Just be ready!

Como baixar Campus Play no PC

  • 1

    Baixar LDPlayer

  • 2

    Instalar emulador

  • 3

    Pesquisar Campus Play na barra de pesquisa

  • 4

    Instalar jogo no LD Store( ou Google Play Store)

  • 5

    Clique ícone para rodar jogo após de instalação

  • 6

    Divirta-se jogando Campus Play no seu PC com LDPlayer

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