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Atualizada: 2021-06-23 Versão atual: 1.0.6
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Empire Royale is a medieval fantasy RPG mobile game. You are the sole heir to a declining empire. Recruit powerful Ministers, sire offspring with exotic beauties, or work with other players to deter invaders and rebuild your empire!

Game Features
☆Compelling Story with Amazing Plot Twists☆
A fantasy tale with dragons, giants, night elves, and humans co-existing on a single continent. Experience the epic unions and feuds for yourself!

☆Full 3D Graphics for Optimal Visual Experience☆
Relive a classic medieval fantasy tale with full 3D graphics and eye-catching animation and effects!

☆Start a Family with Legendary Beauties☆
Travel across the continent to meet your fated companion! Sire offspring with your favorite ladies and groom them to be the next heir to your empire!

☆Casual Gameplay - Progress at Your Own Pace☆
You can choose to progress the story and engage in bloody wars against invaders, or spend your leisure time on light-hearted events like riverside fishing or hosting fancy banquets for rewards!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmpireRoyaleEN/
Live Support: help.empireroyale.android@igg.com

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