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Indiana Stones

Indiana Stones on his quest for ancient artifacts.
Atualizada: 2023-11-29
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Indiana Stones é um aplicativo Aventura desenvolvido por SWETA JAIN. A versão de pc de Indiana Stones baixada nesta página é executado com emulador no pc. LDPlayer é um emulador Android que permite rodar jogos Android no computador de sistema Windows. Simulando o ambiente operacional de Android 9.0, LDPlayer tem funções poderosas, como multi-instância, macros e scripts, para que rodar os jogos móveis sem problemas no computador. É um emulador focado em jogos Android.

Visão geral de Indiana Stones

Embark on a thrilling adventure with "Indiana Stones: Ghost Hunter" – the ultimate mobile gaming experience that takes you on an archeological journey like never before!

Game Features:

🔦 Explore Mysterious Tombs: Join Indiana Stones, our fearless archeologist, as he delves deep into ancient tombs and eerie crypts in search of long-lost treasures and artifacts.

👻 Battle Ghostly Enemies: Encounter a host of supernatural foes, including menacing ghosts, animated stones, mischievous bats, and slimy entities. Stay on your toes and use your wits to overcome these creepy adversaries!

🕹️ Intuitive Controls: Enjoy the simplicity of control with just a tap! Move Indiana Stones left or right by tapping on the respective side of the screen. When you need to leap to new heights, a simple tap on the upper section of the screen will make our hero jump into action!

🎵 Immersive Music: The hauntingly beautiful and atmospheric music will transport you into the heart of the adventure. Want to bask in the eerie ambiance or focus solely on the game? Pause the action with the press of a button and control the in-game music at your leisure.

🔥 Flutter & Flame Technology: "Indiana Stones: Ghost Hunter" is powered by the incredible Flutter framework and the dynamic Flame game engine, guaranteeing a smooth and captivating gaming experience.


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Como baixar e jogar o Indiana Stones no PC

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