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Music Jump Ziggy

Music Jump - Ziggy frog jumping to the music, rainbow light! Music game 2024
Fam Games
Atualizada: 2023-11-29
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Music Jump Ziggy é um aplicativo Música desenvolvido por Fam Games. A versão de pc de Music Jump Ziggy baixada nesta página é executado com emulador no pc. LDPlayer é um emulador Android que permite rodar jogos Android no computador de sistema Windows. Simulando o ambiente operacional de Android 9.0, LDPlayer tem funções poderosas, como multi-instância, macros e scripts, para que rodar os jogos móveis sem problemas no computador. É um emulador focado em jogos Android.

Visão geral de Music Jump Ziggy

Musical frog Ziggy lived in an abandoned pond, surrounded by lush greenery and blooming lotus flowers. Ziggy's special ability was that he could jump to incredible heights to the beat of music and leave behind a rainbow light.
Music Jumping - Every evening, Ziggy would come to the shore of the beautiful pond and start jumping to the sounds that came from afar. The music came alive in his heart, pushing Ziggy to magnificent heights. It was a spectacle that couldn't be missed, and many frogs gathered around the pond to watch Ziggy's show.

One day, while Ziggy was jumping to the music, he heard cries for help. When he realized where they were coming from, he saw a princess who had been kidnapped by the fearsome monster ZORG. Ziggy's heart started beating faster, and he courageously set off towards the princess, overcoming dangers and obstacles along his way.

Ziggy used his jumps to leap over huge tree roots, crossing gaps and intricately curved paths. There were a total of 7 levels. He was fearless, despite the ominous noise of the dark forest, Ziggy made his way to the princess through the most dangerous areas.

When Ziggy finally reached the princess, he freed her from trouble and helped her get back on the safe path. The princess, weakened by fear, thanked Ziggy for his heroic feat. The admiring eyes of the gathered inhabitants of Frog Kingdom witnessed Ziggy leading the princess out of the forest, accompanied by the sounds of his musical jumps.

Since then, Ziggy continued to perform every evening by the pond, jumping to the music. He also became a teacher, instructing other frogs in the art of musical jumping. And no one forgot about that magical night when Ziggy, the green frog, saved the princess in the dark forest, giving both of them freedom and a belief in the power of friendship and music.


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