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Atualizada: 2022-09-15
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"Samurai of Hyuga: Book 5" is the gut-wrenching sequel to the interactive tale you're still reading after all these years. Retake your role as the ronin, and bring the wrath of hell (and the Jigoku) upon samurai and spirits alike!

With a broken heart, mind, and body, the odds have never been steeper against our hero. Enemies abound...but so do allies, too. With stakes higher than ever before, you'll need more than just a good swordarm to see you through.

You once claimed to be a bodyguard to a magical brat in a red silk kimono. Its past time you did your job: just don't expect it to be easy in the fifth book of this epic series!

* Reunite against enemies and allies both old and new!
* Infiltrate an enemy fortress and investigate a foreign cult!
* Select your face from over 20 beautiful character portraits!
* Over 430,000 words of interactive fiction!

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