Puzzle and Doomsday

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Atualizada: 2021-08-13 Versão atual: 1.3.2
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Calling all Survivors! Join the fight against Zombies! Lead your Heroes to be the last line of defense!

Puzzle and Doomsday is an apocalypse-themed game that combines elements of Match-3, strategy, and city building. You play as the Commander of Z-Base, who discovers an old letter detailing a recipe to exterminate the Zombies and speed up human evolution! To bring an end to doomsday, you share this discovery. A mysterious force surrounds your city, and your allies betray you, causing you to lose everything.

Could you have done things differently?


Perform Combos to unleash abilities
- Strategize according to the Zombies' attributes to double the damage.
- Combine your Heroes' abilities and attribute boosts to become invincible!

Build a Base and assemble a mighty force!
- Rebuild the city and research AI to restore the might of civilizations past!
- Defeat Zombies, reclaim territory, and gather resources for survival.

Formidable Heroes await at the Tavern
- Use Evolve Potions to unlock a Hero's genetic abilities.
- Collect Hero Profiles for insights into their lives and secrets.

Allies or enemies? Discern hidden intentions!
- Your Alliance may betray you and deal a sudden blow!
- In times like this, your strength alone will help you survive!

Trust no one in this chaos! Before daybreak comes, be careful!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PuzzleandDoomsday/

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