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Atualizada: 2022-09-18
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Squeebles Spelling Test by KeyStageFun is an app aimed at helping 5 to 11 year old children practise their spellings in a fun, motivating environment. It allows you to set up your own personalised spelling tests, as well as download from over 150 pre-recorded tests based on the UK National Curriculum, containing over 1800 words.


Key Features (from a parent or teacher's perspective):

- Set up your own custom spelling tests containing the exact words your children need to learn, recording yourself speaking the audio of each word, or download from over 200 pre-recorded spelling tests created by us across 5 difficulty levels, in line with the UK national curriculum for key stage one and two.
- Dyslexia-friendly features including the option of Open Dyslexic font.
- Tinted overlays or backgrounds included, aimed at assisting those with visual stress.
- A selection of accented characters allow you to set up spelling tests in French, German, Spanish etc.
- Individual statistics cover spelling test scores and show incorrect spellings so you can see what each child is struggling with.
- Print each child's previous tests and answers.
- Register unlimited children on any one device
- Share spelling tests between devices or back them up to the cloud using a free KeyStageFun account.
- Customise each child's experience with personalised settings.
- No in-app purchases, no adverts and no internet links for children to accidentally tap on.
- Parent / teacher area can be password protected.
- A motivational reward system for your children keeps them practising their spellings so they can keep earning further rewards and making progress in the game.


Key Features (from a child's perspective):

- Practise your spellings across 4 different types of test:

--> Spelling tests created by your parent / teacher (or you!)
--> Choose from over 150 pre-recorded tests created by us, in line with the UK National Curriculum.
--> "Tricky Words" mode creates a spelling test containing questions you previously answered incorrectly.
--> Random tests select 10 words randomly from all your spelling tests.

- Rescue 25 Squeebles from the clutches of the nasty Spelling Snake, including some that were designed by our "Design a Squeeble" competition winners. Each Squeeble has its own unique personality, facts and stats.
- Every time you spell a word correctly, you earn turns on the fun "Squeeberang" mini game, where Squeebles fly as far as they can through the air on boomerang-shaped colourful flying machines.
- Collect stars to trade for Squeeberangs and power-ups to use in the Squeeberang game. The more stars you have, the better the Squeeberangs you can get.
- Take part in a treasure hunt within the game, to unlock the Secret Squeeble!
- Earn power-ups to use in the game.
- View high scores, stats and the rewards you've won.


The app can be used by kids practising for a weekly spelling test or spelling bee, or those looking to improve vocabulary ahead of sats or the 11+ exam.

If you have any questions or suggestions for features, please e-mail info@keystagefun.co.uk

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